Echo360 Help


Echo360 is a lecture capture technology that provides the ability to record audio, computer screen content and optionally, video of the instructor and make it available to students via the web 24 x 7.

Further, the content is indexed based on the content recorded on the screen (such as a PowerPoint presentation), allowing students to navigate quickly through the captured content and view the portions of the lecture they need. Recorded lectures can be displayed through web browsers on desktops, laptops and mobile devices.

The Classroom Review Board (CRB) has endorsed Echo360 as the centrally supported lecture capture technology, and with funding from the University Technology Fee Advisory Board (UTFAB) and CSU Online, both personal capture and a small number of lecture capture classrooms are now available. Get started today!


CSU completed its transition from the old Echo360 system to the new Echo360 Cloud platform on May 31, 2018. Links to videos in the OLD Echo360 system no longer work. Does this affect you? Here’s how to tell:

  1. Will your links break?
  2. Has all of your Echo360 video been migrated?
    • Most Echo360 content was already migrated from the old system to the new Cloud version. This includes:
      • Spring 2015 and newer course videos
      • All Echo360 content from the "Ongoing" term, including all Personal Captures.
    • Request additional video migration